16 September 2005

The Book of Government, Chapter 3, Verse 6-10

The seas chuned and rose. The rains streamed down like the diluvian wrath of a vengeful god. The winds whipped and howled, tearing at every exposed surface. The waters finally became a flood, inundating, drowning, and destroying everything in their path.

And then came disaster.

Lo, and I saw a hobbled, pannicked horse. On it were mounted four blind riders, each with a set of reins, none knowing what to do or where to go. The beast stumbled and fell, while the riders congratulated each other on their ridership. Their names were Incompetance, Ignorance, Arrogance, and Inefficiency and all around them lay suffering and death.
And after all that, the real flood began. Flowing from the administration, and the agencies, and the press rooms, covering the land in a veritable sea of ininterrupted (and, usually, unchallenged) bullshit. Waist-deep and rising.

Time to find high ground, which shouldn't be too hard.

Just go where those other jokers aren't, as much as they try to convince themselves (and us), otherwise.

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