18 July 2009

Saturday Shuffle

Nightswimming - R.E.M.
I Can't Put My Finger On It - Ween
Love Me - The Cramps
Mary, Won't You Call My Name (live) - Morphine
Overblown - Mudhoney
Word Is Bond - House of Pain
Bleeding Warm & Newly Dead - Grade
Stop! In The Name of Love - The Supremes
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
How I Could Just Kill a Man - Cypress Hill

17 July 2009

Lugar-IN, Martinez-FL, Snowe-ME pick Sotomayor over Sessions' "wise Latina" smokescreen.

Sorry, Jeffie.

Throw that hat in the ring. I dare you.

Some things just need recollectin':
...we should stop reporting on the families of the candidates. Unless the candidates want us to.

Sarah Palin wanted the media to report on her teenage son, Track, who enlisted in the Army on Sept. 11, 2007, and soon will deploy to Iraq.

Sarah Palin did not want the media to report on her teenage daughter, Bristol, who is pregnant and unmarried.

Sarah Palin thinks that one is good for her campaign and one is not, and that the media should report only on what is good for her campaign. That is our job, and that is our duty. If that is not actually in the Constitution, it should be. (And someday may be.)

You resigned due to excess of ambition or lack of fortitude.

Shut up with any "nasty, nasty media" finger-pointing to the contrary.

14 July 2009

Is there ever really a need to post my musings 160 characters at a time?

We'll see...

11 July 2009

Saturday Shuffle

Human Behaviour - Björk
Tuck Me In - Alkaline Trio
Laughing Pain - Front Line Assembly
Afterhours - The Sisters of Mercy
God's Zoo - Death Cult
Eyes Without a Face - Billy Idol
Bad Trash - Switchblade Symphony
Wild Side - Mötley Crüe
Stowaway - Chris Connelly
Waiting For The Man - David Bowie

10 July 2009

John Ensign plays doctor with staffer, needs a pelvic exam.

Via WaPo:
The wealthy parents of Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) gave $96,000 last year to the staffer who was then his mistress and to her family, his attorney said yesterday.

...The gifts roughly coincided with Hampton's departure as treasurer of Ensign's political committees, as well as with the resignation of her husband, Douglas, as Ensign's chief of staff, on May 1, 2008. Ensign has said that the sexual affair with Cynthia Hampton began in December 2007 and continued until the following August.

The money was disbursed in April 2008, in eight checks of $12,000 each, with two checks each for Cynthia Hampton, her husband and their two children, Coggins said.
How bad does this look? Let me count the ways:
He's indisputably an unfaithful husband.

He apparently needs Mummy and Daddy to clean up the mess after he played Brotherhood of the Wandering Pants.

It seems painfully clear they're doing so in such a way as to skirt the IRS. gets better.

In an interview this week, Douglas Hampton also alleged that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), a close friend of Ensign's, urged Ensign to end the affair early last year and suggested financial compensation for the Hampton family.

Coburn's office acknowledged that he counseled Ensign to end the affair but denied suggesting any financial deal.

Yesterday, Coburn told the Roll Call newspaper that he would refuse any attempts to compel him to testify in court or at the Senate ethics committee about his role. Coburn, an obstetrician, claimed a legal privilege against such testimony as his physician and religious adviser.

"I was counseling him as a physician and as an ordained deacon," Coburn said. "That is privileged communication that I will never reveal to anybody. Not to the ethics committee, not to a court of law, not to anybody."
The only thing more awesome than an elected official vowing to obstruct an ethical or criminal investigation is one doing so based on claims of privilege straight out of fantasyland.

07 July 2009

The true believers say, "You betcha!"

Even when she says, "No más."

Via CNN:
Now, four days after Sarah Palin announced that she will step down later this month as governor of Alaska, a new national poll by USA Today/Gallup indicates that seven in 10 Americans say Palin's decision had no affect on their opinion of her.

The survey also suggests a wide partisan split over whether respondents would likely vote for Palin if she decides to run for the White House in 2012. More than seven in 10 Republicans said they would be likely to vote for Palin for the presidency. That number drops to 34 percent among independents and to 17 percent among Democrats.
In a development that has Democratic strategists rushing to launder the drool stains off their shirtfronts, it looks they're riding this one all the way to the ground.

Major Kong would be proud...

04 July 2009

Saturday Shuffle

Buena (live) - Morphine
40 Grand in the Hole - Mike Doughty
Love Calls You By Your Name - Leonard Cohen
Unfamiliar - Ride
Blue Train (alternate take) - John Coltrane
Ocean Man (live) - Ween
Ordinary Guy - Joe Bataan
Outlaw - The Cult
Department of Youth - Alice Cooper
Zoo Music Girl - The Birthday Party
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