13 July 2006

And as the angel opened the second seal, the idiot man-children thought as grown men, and the puppets were as real boys...

It's a harbinger of the apocalypse, all right.

Not the conflict in the Middle East. That's just par for the course.

But the common sense that floweth forth--at least temporarily--from he with the ear of tin and the fists of ham when it comes to anything related to foreign policy: El Presidente, himself:
"The democracy of Lebanon is an important part of laying a foundation of peace in that region," Bush said. "We've worked very hard to get Syria out of Lebanon" through various U.N. resolutions.

"Israel has a right to defend herself," Bush said.

"The concern is that any activities by Israel to protect herself will weaken that government," he said, referring to Lebanon.
As a friend of mine once remarked, "Jesus Christ in a chicken basket!"

Memo to Israel: When you've embarked down a road that is so clearly fraught with peril and potential for disaster, that it manages to pentrate through the dense strata of even THAT man's skull, maybe some re-examining of your options is in order.

They really only need look across their own region to see where this leads. Iraq has turned into a case study on the hazards of a power vacuum in the middle east. It's a lesson that all nations--especially Israel and its ill-advised desire to show it "means business"--ignore at their own peril. Making a statement does precious little good if the end result sets up a situation where Syria and Iran could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, throughout Lebanese territory.

And for what?

Two kidnapped soldiers and a raid that killed six more.

Of course it demands a response. No one's foolish enough to suggest that it doesn't. But it must be one commensurate with the provocation. The German chancellor with whom Dear Leader met today, hit it on the head:
(Angela) "Merkel said the kidnappings of Israeli soldiers -- which sparked the recent hostilities in Lebanon and also in Gaza -- "is not acceptable." But she added that "parties have to use proportionate means" in their response.
Once again, look who's talking. The cowboy-in-chief and the Germans think that you're pushing the aggression envelope. If the consequences weren't so dire, that'd be a helluva punchline.

Instead, kidnappings begat tanks, and tanks begat rockets. And now?

Bombed airports, blockaded ports, assaults bombing runs on suburban neighborhoods based on suspicions about one man?

That's not going to break Hezbollah in Lebanon, it's going to MAKE Hezbollah-non.

Rather than an orgiastic display of military might, you need a response that affects the militants responsible without strangling an entire country and risking the collapse of the government. Creating a playground for your enemy to which you'll have to commit your own resources to police, is a deeply flawed, intensely shortsighted strategy.

Trust us, we know.

As is, a truly boggling turn of events. Given the alleged proficiency of the intelligence and strategic operation capabilities that Israel possesses in Mossad? Absolutely unfathomable.

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