10 July 2008

Boo. Hoo.

Hold on; still contemplating which side of my ass these jokers can kiss:
ATLANTA - The chief executive officers of a dozen U.S. airlines, beset by record fuel costs that have caused several to cut jobs, reduce capacity and impose higher fees on customers, are now asking for their customers' help to curb the rise of oil prices.

They have co-signed a letter being sent to frequent fliers of their respective carriers, asking customers to contact Congress about the problem of market speculation, which they believe is driving up the price of oil.

"This pain can be alleviated, and that is why we are taking the extraordinary step of writing this joint letter to our customers," the letter states. A copy was received by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

..."We need your help," the letter to customers says. "Get more information and contact Congress."

Almost funny, really.

Arguably the worst customer-service industry in the nation, and their executives have the gall to turn to the very people whom they've consistently treated like garbage and ask them to make a populist plea to help their business.

You have to love how government action is so often met with cries about overregulation and demands to "let the market decide" until the corporations get into trouble. THEN, Congress can't get involved fast enough. It's also interesting to note that, while their alleged belt-tightening includes "cutting jobs, reducing capacity and (of course) imposing higher fees on customers," cutting executive compensation isn't anywhere on the list.

Their own paychecks safe, they turning around and charge for a single checked bag and even water, and now they want something from us?

All after battling a Passenger Bill of Rights?

Let 'em burn.

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