26 October 2008

This man wants to pilot the ship of state?

Raise the Jolly Roger, Mateys.

Angry McCain

Can I get an ARRRR-men?

Talk about a snapshot that sums up a campaign.

This came from a Telegraph article entitled "John McCain loses temper with defeatist aides as he vows to fight to the last."

Is any part of that description actually news to anyone who's shown even a minimum of interest in this race? McCain hasn't been on speaking terms with "temperment" and "control" in quite some time. He hasn't looked poised, he hasn't looked focused, and, most of all, he hasn't looked remotely presidential.

Instead, he's looked like this, which is precisely why nothing looks very good for him, right now. And thank God for that, because we can't afford for this to be the face we present to the rest of the world.

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