20 January 2009

Elections have consequences

Hitting the ground running. Me likey.
Obama Halts All Regulations Pending Review

WASHINGTON - One of President Barack Obama's first acts Tuesday was to put the brakes on all pending regulations that the Bush administration tried to push through in its waning days.

The order went out shortly after Obama was inaugurated president, in a memorandum signed by new White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Former President George W. Bush's administration moved into overdrive in the last year or so on a host of new regulatory proposals. Now the Obama administration will review everything that is still pending.

Can I say again how good "Former President George W. Bush," sounds?

Theres a helluva lot of garbage to clean up after the last eight years. These last frantic tweaks and alterations are but the top of the heap. You have to start somewhere, though.

Good to see Obama putting the work gloves on from the get-go and showing he's not looking to easy into things.

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