20 March 2009


i thinks ur dooin it wrong:
Leno: "Now, are they going to put a basketball -- I imagine the bowling alley has been just burned and closed down."

Obama: "No, no. I've been practicing bowling."

Leno: "Really? Really?"

Obama: "I bowled a 129 -- "


Leno: "Oh, no, that's very good. Yeah. No, that's very good for a -- "

Obama: "It was like Special Olympics or something."
Jay doesn't show up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with tips on how to save the economy, so let's not roll into his studio and try to make teh funny, OK, Mr. President?

Apology or not, you cannot make that joke in that venue.


Ask Axelrod, he'll tell you the same thing. Once the doctors surgically remove his hand from his forehead after the atomic facepalm that probably followed your late night mirth-storm, that is.

People are inspired by you as a leader, we don't NEED you as an entertainer, too. We've got plenty of people to take care of that. You want to entertain me, let's start with getting Michigan's unemployment back into single digits. If you want applause, that's the way to get it.

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