29 April 2009

Mitchy, Mitchy, Mitchy...

You need to make up your mind. Is this a local issue
"Obviously, we are not happy that Senator Specter has decided to become a Democrat," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters, attempting to minimize the blow. "This is not a national story. This is a Pennsylvania story," McConnell said.

or a sign of the apocalypse?
"I think the threat to the country presented by this defection really relates to the issue of whether or not in the United States of America our people want the majority to have whatever it wants without restraint, without a check or a balance," McConnell said during a Tuesday afternoon press availability.

The question is, Mitchy, do our people see one party managing to so marginalizing itself that it slips below the magic filibuster number of 41 as "a threat to the country?"

My guess is "no."

Someone needs to clue ol' Mitch into the fact that but what threatens his directionless, ever more extremist party does not necessarily threaten the nation.

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