07 July 2009

The true believers say, "You betcha!"

Even when she says, "No más."

Via CNN:
Now, four days after Sarah Palin announced that she will step down later this month as governor of Alaska, a new national poll by USA Today/Gallup indicates that seven in 10 Americans say Palin's decision had no affect on their opinion of her.

The survey also suggests a wide partisan split over whether respondents would likely vote for Palin if she decides to run for the White House in 2012. More than seven in 10 Republicans said they would be likely to vote for Palin for the presidency. That number drops to 34 percent among independents and to 17 percent among Democrats.
In a development that has Democratic strategists rushing to launder the drool stains off their shirtfronts, it looks they're riding this one all the way to the ground.

Major Kong would be proud...

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