29 June 2010

That strange, mysterious land

they call "Hawaii":
"Obama is detached form the American experience. He just doesn't identify with the average American because of his own background. Indonesia and Hawaii."  -  Former Sen. Rick Santorum
Like others before him, I guess Man-on-dog Santorum thinks that some states are more American than others.
Be intertesting for Ricky and the Quitter to explain what makes one "average" or "real" considering Hawaii makes up a larger percentage of the U.S. population than the--presumably--average and real Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, or Wyoming.
Oh well, since places like New York (when it's not being blown up), Masschusetts (when it doesn't vote for Scott Brown), and California (24/7/365) clearly aren't "average America," either, in these folks' estimation, what's marginalizing one more state in the interests of pandering to the xenophobes--and, let's be honest, racists--in the constituency?

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