03 February 2011

At the intersection of bigotry and tech savvy

Tech savvy comes up with a nice "gotcha."

Great story of code beating codified hate, here. The Prop (H)8-supporting National Organization for Marriage decided to decorate their anti-gay marriage blog with a cartoon from the website Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal without doing much research into the creator's (Zach Weiner) actual opinions about their social aims.

They compounded their error by hotlinking the image directly from Mr. Weiner's database. (C'mon NOMers, you've never heard of photobucket or imageshack?) In addition to this being, well, stealing, it also afforded him the opportunity to alter the image that was being accessed from--and thus posted to--NOM's website. A little bit of HTML-fu later, this was the result:

Why did Thomas Jefferson hate traditional marriage so much?

What I wouldn't give to have had a few of the NOMers' reactions captured, Philly school district spycam-style...

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