27 April 2008

Don't think she remembers how this story ends...

Hillary tries to goad Obama into a 22nd debate:
"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) on Saturday challenged Democratic frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) to debate her in a one-on-one setting without moderators, hoping that such an exchange would give her a boost in the remaining primaries and help her convince superdelegates that she is the better candidate."
Setting aside her invocation of (and, frankly, arrogant invitation of comparison to) Lincoln-Douglas with the format, you have to love how she tries to sell this.
Clinton said in Indiana that voters in the Hoosier State “deserve” a one-on-one debate.

“I’ve said I'll be anywhere anytime in order to debate because I think the people of Indiana after having wandered in the wilderness of American politics for forty years deserve a debate,” the former first lady said.
So now she's not only Jesus, but Moses, too.

For all those formative years spent in a churchgoing family, I think Hill might want to go back and review who actually made it to the promised land.

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