23 April 2008

The view from the birdcage

Tweety finally gets one right:
“…But I really do think it’s a strange time because we’re all watching to see who won, but as Nora pointed out, 4 out of 5 ,or so, of the Hillary voters today believe she’s still in the running. That this is still up in the air and I think that was probably a mistake of the media. I think in the effort of the media, to try to keep this game going, we’ve created the delusion that somehow this race is still open. I don’t think it is open. I think if you look at the numbers Barack has to really blow it in the weeks ahead to lose.” -- Chris Matthews
Gee, Chris, you think?

Considering everything from its obsession with flag pins to its near-fellatory response to getting invited to the kool kidz' barbeque, I suppose we should be grateful when the stenographers and throne-sniffers in the traditional media get called out on anything at all.

That said...

What happened, Chris? What epiphany did you have that prompted this on-air confession of your profession's maddening record of misfeasance in covering this campaign? There was no final straw in Pennsylvania, last night; barring an eleventh-hour coronation by the superdelegates, Hillary had long since lost the nomination. Whether you're counting states, pledged delegates, or the popular vote, Hillary hasn't had a prayer of overtaking Obama in almost two months.

That much has been more than clear to everyone, save for those involved in the Clinton campaign or, apparently, those drawing a paycheck for covering and analyzing the race for any of the major networks. That inexplicable--and inexcusable--shared delusion has been the chief enabling factor for the scorched earth strategy Clinton has inflicted upon her party and the nation, as a whole.

Hopefully the damage has not been done.

So, Chris...thanks, but it's too little, far, far too late.

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