27 August 2008

Adventures in Liveblogging: Bubba Edition

Inaugural effort, here. (Wish I'd been able to do it for Hill's speech last night).

9:25 - That's all folks. Bill can still hold a crowd in the palm of his hand. He had fire, he had punch, he kept focus on Obama while teeing off on the Bush's Third Term theme. Pretty good stuff.

Obama name count: 12 13 14 15 16

9:23 - "Sixteen years ago they said I was too young and inexperienced." Great linkage, here.

"Thanks, but no thanks. The third time is not the charm." CANNOT hit that point enough.

Listing the disastrous results of the realization of extreme policies with the Bush presidency and connecting McCain to that doctrine. Extremist, not moderate. Damn right.

"Yes he can, but first we have to elect him!"

Obama name count: 11

9:18 - KATRINA! (Finally).

Bill turns to the GOP and breaks out the knives, first tying them to the state of the economy: layoffs, rising prices no health care. Now troop deployments, torture.

9:16 - "People abroad have always been more impressed by the power of our example, than the example of our power."

Obama name count: 7 8 9 10

9:13 - "He is ready to be president."

Obama name count: 4 5 6

And he hits that Obama is the "man for the job." Now giving a laundry list of why: background, judgment, trials of the campaign, foreign policy views, running mate, security.

Obama name count: 3

9:09 - Economy, economy, economy.

Obama name count: 2

9:06 - Nod to Hillary connecting right to her support of Obama. "That makes 18 million of us." Good reach out.

Obama name count: 1

An everlasting gobstopper of an ovation. They still love him.

9:02 - Here we go.

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