26 August 2008

HRC DNC Pregame

Well, a few more hours and counting before Hillary takes the convention stage. Meanwhile, despite having a GOP opponent who promises little more than a continuation of the ruinous policies and positions of the last eight years, we're beset with headlines about her supporters who are "confused," "unsure," etc.

This is what happens when you turn the primary into a knife-fight.

Thanks to that brilliant, Mark Penn-led strategy, the White House is in jeopardy.

Is she does nothing else, Hillary needs to show her supporters the true cost of petulantly casting a McCain ballot, or even sitting home. And she needs to do it explicitly. Everyone who spends election day at their desks or on their couch is casting a vote

For indefinite detention

For "bomb, bomb, Iran"

For a Big Oil drilling Disneyland

For the Bush tax cuts

For a SCOTUS packed with Scalia clones

Against universal healthcare

Against oversight of government

(Most emphatically) Against choice

A Clinton election in 2012 cannot undue a McCain election in 2008.

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