16 February 2010

Bayh Lyin'

When Evan Bayh (D-IN)announced his retirement, speculation was that he may be eying a White House run. He quashed those suspicions this morning on MSNBC, but his interview did reveal one thing:

A promising career as a fiction writer:
Disillusioned Bayh advocates electoral "shock" to broken system

"Bayh had apparently become increasingly frustrated in the Senate. In this morning's interview he noted that just two weeks ago, Republicans who had co-sponsored a bill with him to rein in the deficit turned around and voted against it for purely political reasons. He also stated repeatedly that members of his own party should be more willing to settle for a compromise rather than holding out for perfection."
And, when, precisely, did they "hold out for perfection?"

Was it when they caved on the public option?

Or maybe when they cut and then watered down the stimulus bill with tax cuts to pander to Republicans?

Or was it when they authored and sponsored the Stupak amendment to placate the anti-choicers?

Or just maybe was it when they sat back and shrugged when the GOP filibustered every piece of legislation instead of coming out, en masse, to decry their obstruction tactics?

Save your revisionist history, Evan. It doesn't wash.

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