15 February 2010

GOP "Bipartisanship": Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.

As noted by the fine folks over at Open Left, here's a perfect microcosm of what passes for "political discourse," nowadays:

2.8.10 -- John "Tan Man" Boehner (R-OH): "If you want to talk seriously about an actual plan at the health care summit, you better give it to us three days in advance so we can properly distort and attack it."

2.12.10 -- White House: "No problem."

2.13.10 -- Lil' Johnny Boehner: "Waaaaaaa! If you were really, really super grown-up serious, you wouldn't have a plan, at all! Waaaaaa!"

When, precisely, can we stop pretending that the Leatherman and his ilk actually want to have a productive dialog about anything? More importantly, when will the President and Congressional Dems stop rushing excitedly to the bargaining table, as if they're sitting across from anything other than bunch of nasty little children holding their breath and stomping their feet?

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