09 February 2006

"Brownie" putting El Presidente on notice?

After loyally stonewalling Congress for Dear Leader, Mike Brown 's tune appears to have changed not that the "president's prerogative" might not keep him out of the slam. From CNN:

In a February 6 letter to White House counsel Harriet Miers, (Michael) Brown's lawyer wrote that Brown continues to respect Bush and his "presidential prerogative" to get candid and confidential advice from top aides.

The letter from Andrew W. Lester also says Brown no longer can rely on being included in that protection because he is a private citizen. "Unless there is specific direction otherwise from the president, including an assurance the president will provide a legal defense to Mr. Brown if he refuses to testify as to these matters, Mr. Brown will testify if asked about particular communications," the lawyer wrote.
Looks like either the preznit s

hows some of that famous generosity toward dedicated toadies, or Brown throws him under the bus, exposing a disaster of incompetance with Executive fingerprints all over it.
Heckuva job, Brownie, heckuva job.

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