08 February 2006

No one knows 'class' like the GOPer Hood-and-Sheet brigade

Well, it's been a long day, trying to keep food down while listening to Righty Whitey, in all his various forms, bloviate indignantly over the unmitigated gall shown by Coretta Scott King's eulogizers when they chose to address issues of equality and social justice at her funeral. Apparently, these days, discussion of such matters constitutes "Bush Bashing." Though, it seems to me (as has been frequently observed), if those topics cannot be addressed without appearing critical of the president, that says far more about administration policy than anything else.

Within moments of the attendees giving Rev. Joseph Lowery a lengthy standing ovation for his comments on the Iraq War and domestic programs for the impoverished, the Wingnuts nearly had a hemorrhage as they furiously lectured on what is, and isn't, appropriate at a funeral. Instantly, they became the ultimate authorities on what constitutes "class."

"They had no class..."

"It was a classless display..."

"President Bush is the only one who showed any class..."

Nevermind that Rev. King, himself, famously took the opportunity to address larger issues at a funeral, and Mrs. King repeatedly used the platform offered by other occasions to do the same thing, Tuesday's service was an affront to common decency. And the backlash was as venomous as it was groundless. Where there weren't broad generalizations about "the Libruls," there was a seething animosity towards the civil rights movement, in general. Courtesy the pigs who wallow at
As to the movement: "If the truth be told, it was an extortion scam to enrich themselves. Mrs. King carried on this tradition. Anytime you wanted to use anything that was MLK, Jr. you had to pay Mrs. King...praise (her) for the loss of a husband and who had to raise her children by herself, but don't latch on to a myth and try to make it true."

And the service, itself: "I don't know the makeup of the King funeral attendees but you can bet a large portion were high profile Dems with an even higher concentration of race hustling poverty pimps."
Extortion scams and race hustling poverty pimps. Talk about class. I'm a little surprised they managed to discuss the Rev. Lowry's address without using the word "uppity."

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