20 February 2006

Your government at work

(Belated; Blogger was pitching a fit this weekend)

As the Bushistas turn backflips to prevent anyone from getting getting close enough to evaluate the domestic espionage program that's legal in El Presidente's mind, a District judge ordered the Justice Dept. to honor the pesky Freedom of Information Act requests of citizens trying to do the oversight duty that their representatives have seen fit to abdicate. Seems someone with a sense of humor at the JD came upon this novel foot-dragging tactic:
"Routine FOIA requests are to be handled within 20 days while expedited requests have no set time limit under the law, prompting the Justice Department to take the position that the amount of time for expedited requests could be longer than that for the routine 20-day handling."

"Congress could not have intended to create the absurd situation" enabling the government to unilaterally exceed the standard 20-day period, Kennedy wrote.

Unfortunately, these days, we're saddled with a banana Republican Congress that goes out of its way to create absurd situations.

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