09 March 2006

Abject Cowardice: The Mike Rounds Story

Once again, gracias to EKO for the picture that speaks a thousand words. The bottom line is: nothing's gone, only gone underground. Make no mistake about it, South Dakotans, this is exactly what your representatives (and, by extension, you) voted for.

Apparently, though, that responsibility flow chart stops just short of your governor's office:
Opponents, who say they intend to make a court challenge, also have talked in recent days about circulating petitions and placing the issue on the South Dakota ballot in November...If that happened, a loud and rowdy campaign could be expected. Rounds wouldn't be among those making the noise, he said.

"I would not actively campaign either way on this particular issue at this stage of the game," the governor said.

Asked about the lack of an exception for victims of rape or incest, Rounds said, "I did not write this bill." Another time during the questions and answers, he said "This isn't my bill.''
Bull. Shit.

Or, more accurately, "chickenshit."

If the president's attempt at handwashing was ridiculous, Rounds' is patently offensive. His spineless responses showcase a pathetic, new low in avoiding responsibility in a political era absolutely rife with such contortions. While he obviously lacks the courage of his convictions, what's equally clear are his choices as an executive.

It's one or the other: If you disagree, you veto the bill and let the legislature try to override. If you support it, you say so and sign on the line. What you do not do, is stand there, like the lone toddler in a room with a broken vase, mumbling, "it wasn't me."

Time to grow up, "Mike."

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