11 March 2006

The Evangeliban: sex is worse than (other peoples') death

From The New Yorker, as noted by Sully:
"Religious conservatives are unapologetic; not only do they believe that mass use of an HPV vaccine or the availability of emergency contraception will encourage adolescents to engage in unacceptable sexual behavior; some have even stated that they would feel similarly about an H.I.V. vaccine, if one became available. 'We would have to look at that closely,' Reginald Finger, an evangelical Christian and a former medical adviser to the conservative political organization Focus on the Family, said. 'With any vaccine for H.I.V., disinhibition' - a medical term for the absence of fear - 'would certainly be a factor, and it is something we will have to pay attention to with a great deal of care.' Finger sits on the Centers for Disease Control's Immunization Committee, which makes those recommendations."
This is how determined the "Christian" fudamentalists are to force their views upon everyone else. When considering a vaccine that would prevent an illness that's killed 25 million people in the last 20+ years, the effect such a treatment would have on people's attitudes towards sex would "certainly be a factor" in deciding how to proceed. In their minds, people being more likely to have sex is a legitimate cost to be weighed against the benefit of saving millions of lives. And, as the article shows, these aren't just isolated crackpots; they're crackpots with real power to effect--and inflict--their agenda on all of us.

If a preventative cure for cancer were discovered, can anyone imagine wasting even a moment contemplating the influence it might have on smoking habits before making it immediately available? What about cirrhosis of the liver? Or any other affliction correlated with some sort of behavior? It would be laughable. But that dirty, dirty sex-shul innercourse? THAT still needs proper "consequences." Because Jesus says so.

Such are the priorities of these theocons: to make their piousness policy and, thus, their so-called "morality" mandatory--even if it kills you.

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Dave Toler said...

Do not think for one moment that Reginald Finger and James Dobson speak for the "whole" of Evangelicals or Christians at Large.

Many tend to have this idea that the ones with "notoriety" are the voice for the whole; that everything the "notorious" think, say or do is the pattern for everybody who claims Jesus Christ Lord. That simply is not true! I personally do not know of any true "Child of God" who thinks that letting people with HIV die rather than utilizing a cure would serve the purposes of God. His purposes are ALWAYS redemptive! I do not believe those who do are a majority of Christians.

Unfortunately, there are too many Believers in the Lord Jesus who are caught in legalism and judgmentalism and have missed the forgiveness and the grace and mercy of God. They have interpreted rules and regulations but, like the elder brother of the "prodigal" son, they have sorely missed the heart of the Father.

It is not "righteous" to stand in judgement against those who are where I was fifteen minutes ago (or 46 years ago) before I repented of my sins and accepted the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as atonement for my sins against God. Christ took the judgement so we would not have too. Our acceptance of that simple fact makes all the difference in the world and changes our lives. If what I have found in being a Christ-follower is so life-changing, I must reach out in love and understanding as to where "they" are and demonstrate a lifestyle of "change" that would draw them, both to the Gospel and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, there are hypocracies all around, but there is also a demonstration of the genuine that will win out in the end.

Thank you for speaking to issues that are pertinent in your "Blog". America must take its head out of the sand before we lose our Sovereignty as a Nation.

J. David Toler

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