31 March 2006

Your liberal media at work

Just an observation, here. These are all snippets from a 03/20/06 article in the (increasingly Washington Times-like) Washington Post:
"While it is a Republican refrain that Democrats criticize Bush but have no positive vision..."

"Their goal is to concentrate less on the kind of positive message they have challenged the Democrats to produce..."

"Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds (R-N.Y.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, chided the Democrats last Thursday for not producing an agenda..."

"Blunt said it is more important for Democrats to produce a governing agenda because Republicans have a record to run on..."
Believe it or not, the title of the article was "GOP struggles to define its message for 2006 elections." Yet, throughout, the "Dems have no agenda" bit is dutifully rehashed again and again. Fast forward to this week's Democratic national security proposal which received scant attention (completely absent from the NYT) except for stenographic repetition of factually challenged GOP criticisms.

If this is "liberal bias," I'd hate to see what happens when the media turns against you.

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