11 March 2008

Pelosi Tells It Like It Is

That Clinton/Obama, Obama/Clinton "Dream Ticket" Hillary's campaign is hinting at?

Nah ganna happen:
"I think that the Clinton administration (sic) has fairly ruled that out by proclaiming that Senator McCain would be a better Commander in Chief than Obama. I think that either way is impossible." -- Nancy Pelosi, 03/11/08
About time some of the big national figures called her out on this garbage. Clearly, if anyone has taken the time to appeal to the Clinton campaign machine behind closed doors in an effort to rein in this insanity, it hasn't made a lick of difference. The only course left, is to say, explicitly, what should already be abundantly clear to everyone involved: her Sherman-esque approach to this primary will cost the party everything.

It's time for Dean to be a real leader and get these superdelegates together to send her the message she--and we--desperately need her to hear:


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