20 March 2008

Winning Campaign Issue, Aisle 3...

Tonight, during Keith Olbermann's Countdown broadcast, MSNBC shifted into über-coverage mode over this story about Barack Obama's passport file being breached by three contract employees at the State Department. (Dan Abrams just took the baton at the top of the hour for the second leg of tonight's apparent marathon).

Now, the hours of near-breathless commentary on a story with so few available details aside, we just saw literally millions of people have their credit and debit card information stolen from a supermarket chain. Searching the phrase "customer information stolen," nets story after story accounting for tens of millions of people discovering that their allegedly private--and definitely exploitable--information is floating into who knows whose hands.

Mr. Obama, you just found yourself on the front line of an issue that faces most, if not all, people in this country. In an ever more vicious election season, an extremely valuable opportunity has just fallen squarely in your lap.

What are you going to do with it?

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