09 May 2008

I'll take "Tarnishing My Legacy" for $500, Alex

The "Sherman Strategy" continues, unabated:
Speaking in gymnasiums and fairgrounds in rural towns, Bill Clinton returned repeatedly to the words "people like you and places like this" as the keys that could help his wife stop Obama's momentum.

"They want you to vote in low numbers so she doesn't get ahead in the popular vote," he told a crowd Thursday in Sutton.
In case there was any doubt, "Clinton" is officially the campaign's party identification, now--fully separate and distinct from "democrat"--and the two have **wildly** diverging interests.

What other explanation can there be for pushing the notion that the other nominee's camp doesn't want people to vote, effectively poisoning the Democratic electorate for the general election, AFTER YOU'VE ALREADY LOST. At this point, it's purely delusional to think that some sort of "Mountain State Miracle" could resuscitate Hillary's chances. If she is bound and determined to ignore the writing on the wall and carry on this farce for a few more weeks, the only responsible thing for Bill to do would be to praise her and avoid damaging the guy who's actually going to be running against McCain.

Then again, the next responsible thing they do on that front will be the first. Her ego is rivaling that of Ralph Nader's and, like him, she has no problem with the rest of us paying the price for her folly.

Superdel's take note: It's quite apparent that she is beholden to a constituency of two, the rest of the Democratic voters be damned. Your votes might be worth about 10,000 of ours, but she's burning your house down, too.

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