31 October 2005

The ghost of fitzmas past

Libby gets indicted and falls on his sword, Rove remains under investigation and people think it's a clear sign that nothing illegal happened. The fact that anyone is treating this as some sort of exoneration shows their deep commitment to willful blindness when it comes to wrongdoing in this administration. Fitzgerald had the opportunity to come down hard, and, in no uncertain terms, call 'bullshit' on this ridiculous BushCo talking point, but veered off on some godawful, "block-the-umpire's-view" baseball analogy.

Fitzy, Fitzy, might be a pit-bull prosecutor, but as a speaker, you're for crap. (Be damned if I can figure out how you managed to combine those together).

Leave the folksy explanations aside, and be the staight shooter we were told you were: Where we're at right now, key figures are believed to have obstructed the investigation. The inability to levy other charges is a fairly natural result of people deliberately interfering with the investigative process, not proof that those individuals did no wrong.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fitzgerald should have been disbarred for prosecutorial misconduct by conducting an investigation for over two years when he discovered that is was Richard Armitage who leaked the name of Valerie Plame only two weeks into his investigation. I would suggest you worry more about your own willful blindness, little man...

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