25 October 2005

Tucker Carlson is still a dick

While we all wait for the Treasongate indictments to roll out (2 to 5 is the going prediction), the lovely folks over at ThinkProgress caught this on the first bounce:
I think politically [the Bush administration] did very much the wrong thing by saying nice things about Patrick Fitzgerald some months ago — "he's a man of integrity," "he's a good guy," "we have complete confidence he's going do the right thing," etc., etc. — making it now almost impossible for the White House, even on background, to attack the guy.
What makes it better is that he prefaced it with this: "I think this White House made a tactical error — maybe not a moral error, maybe the White House did the right thing." Let me get this straight, Tucker: acknowledging that a man charged with an important task is, by all accounts, principled, upright, and diligent, is MAYBE the right thing to do? I thought this was a "values" administration, shouldn't the "right" and "political" thing be one and the same? Given the gravity of the situation, it only makes sense--politically AND morally-- to reassure the American people that things are being handled by a man of of both impeccable credentials and principles.
Regardless, the bowtied assclown goes on to say, "it's possible that attacks on him are warranted. Maybe he's doing the wrong thing. But they can hardly say that at this point...I think they should have at least kept the option open to attack him and I just don't see they have that."
We were lead to believe that this was an important investigation. In fact, just yesterday, Dear Leader called it "very serious." All along, commitments were made to find those responsible and deal with them accordingly. What reason is there to preserve the option to attack Fitzgerald? Exactly what "wrong thing" might he be doing?

His job, perhaps?

With statements like this, Carlson, once again, reveals himself to be the worst type of partisan hack. Without a shred of evidence of bias, ulterior motives, or any impropriety, whatsoever, on Fitzgerald's part, he still sees the eventual need to smear him. For Carlson, it's obvious that "the wrong thing" is defined as anything damaging to the Bush administration, regardless of the truth. He's made it clear that he's a man who prefers ideology to integrity and by that, it appears that he's certainly thrown his lot in with the right bunch.

MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for scooping up the garbage that CNN so wisely cast aside.

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