05 October 2005

I cannot comment on any issue that may likely come before the Court. But lemme give y'all a lil' hint...

It seems that, just yesterday, every GOPer that got within range of a microphone felt compelled to discuss the so-called "Ginsberg Rule" in the same reverent tone they usually reserve for God, freedom, and tax cuts for the top 1%. Listening to them bloviate, you'd think it was one of the bedrock principles of our democracy--Amendment 1a to the Constitution--and it must remain inviolate, 'lest the Union, itself, crumble and fall. Trying to elicit a SCOTUS nominee's impression on anything more recent than Brown v. Board of Education was tantamount to firing the legacy of our forefathers and pissing on the ashes.

Flash forward a few weeks, and now the ones needing "clarification" are those wearing elephant pins on their lapels. Courtesy of The Hill:
Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee, yesterday held a conference call with conservative leaders to address their concerns about Miers. He stressed Bush’s close relationship with Miers and the need to confirm a justice who will not interfere with the administration’s management of the war on terrorism, according to a person who attended the teleconference...Mehlman yesterday unveiled a politically powerful argument linking Bush’s nomination to the war on terrorism. He said that as a former White House counsel Miers would know the importance of not letting the courts or the legislative branch “micromanage” the war on terrorism.
Sounds suspiciously as if old Kenny here, somehow got a pretty damn clear idea about how Ms. Miers might rule on certain issues likely to come before the court and is now trying to reassure skittish supporters. The leadership must be quite confident in his suppositions...since that's all they could be given how thoroughly inappropriate it is for a nominee to discuss or preview potential cases.

I'm thinking of running a contest: Scour the newsfeeds, follow her with a camera if you have to, there's a Texas Roadhouse gift certificate to the first person to produce photographic evidence of Harriet Miers' strings. I'll throw in some lottery tickets if the shot also has Rove actively pulling them.

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