22 January 2006

George Bush a pariah on either side of the border

With the election looming on Monday, the Canadian airwaves are filled with sparring between Paul Martin and the Liberal party and Stephen Harper's Conservatives. While at the bar, watching Vancouver manhandle Montreal on Hockey Night in Canada, this one was in heavy rotation:
"Arguably the hardest hitting of yesterday's batch of ads recalls a story last month in the Washington Times.

A female voice reads from the article as a closeup of Mr. Harper's face looms into focus in the background: 'Canada may elect the most pro-American leader in the western world. Harper is pro-Iraq war, anti-Kyoto and socially conservative. Bush's new best friend is the poster boy for his ideal foreign leader. A Harper victory will put a smile on George W. Bush's face.'

The voice then adds the Liberals own comment: 'Well,' she says, 'at least someone'll be happy, eh.'"

(Mr. Harper responded to the Times column shortly after it was published with a letter to the editor in which he pointed to differences between his policies and those of American conservative politicians).

I almost did a spit take when I saw that one the first time. You would expect to see a link to the U.S. president used as a negative in countries like Iran. Win or lose for Martin and the Liberals, it's a pretty telling indicator of how low El Presidente has brought our country, when, even in Canada, his "endorsement" is an attack that must be refuted.

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