22 January 2006

John McCain still doesn't get it, Exhibit #1,457

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., appearing on "Fox News Sunday," said the new threats emphasize a greater need for Bush to fully consult with lawmakers from both parties on the best strategy for spy programs within the confines of the law.

"Do I think that the president's leadership has been worthy of support of our party and our leadership? Yes," McCain said.

But McCain questioned efforts to paint Democrats as weak on national security.

"There's too many good Democrats over there who are as concerned about national security and work just as hard as I do," McCain said.

On Friday, Rove outlined a blueprint for Republicans to prevail in the midterm elections, suggesting that Democrats have undermined anti-terror efforts by questioning Bush's authority to allow wiretapping without getting court approval first.
As much as I want to like John McCain, every time I try, he does something to reaffirm the fact that his foremost duty is carrying water for El Presidente. In 2000, McCain was dragged through the mud by the Bush/Rove slime machine. Just weeks ago, after Dear Leader made such a big show about coming together with him on the torture amendment, he screwed McCain with his "signing statement" pledge to ignore the ban whenever he saw fit.

And now McCain goes on national television to deem him "worthy of our party and leadership" while, in the same breath, criticizing the attempt to smear Democrats as being soft on terror. As if the source of both those impressions somehow isn't the same man. In the same Fox "News" broadcast, he continued with the absurdity (via ThinkProgress):
WALLACE: But you do not believe that currently he has the legal authority to engage in these warrant-less wiretaps.

MCCAIN: You know, I don’t think so, but why not come to Congress? We can sort this all out. I don’t think — I know of no member of Congress, frankly, who, if the administration came and said here’s why we need this capability, that they wouldn’t get it. And so let’s have the hearings.
News flash, John: "lacking the legal authority?" That makes him a criminal. And it makes your habit of following up each of your pricipled "stands," with a return to servile praise and deference all the more disgusting.

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Om.powered said...

Don't you just have to wonder what they have on him?

...and if his nuts are in a jar on Condoleeza's nightstand?

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