01 January 2006

A (Hopefully) Happy New Year...

With aught six a scant few hours old and Village of the Damned droning on (hopefully not portentiously) in the background, a few wishes for the coming 365...

A DeLay conviction.

A Rove indictment/resignation.

An Abramoff-fueled congressional purge.

A Democratic Senate...and the resultant, long-overdue committee hearings on El Presidente's misdeeds.

A Santorum defeat.

A strident backlash against the unprecedented spying on American citizens in complete and total disregard of the rule of law.

A waking of the somnambulant public and media to the crimes being perpetrated against them.

An end to our troops' ongoing sacrifice for one man's arrogance and ego.

A return to being able to take pride in our nation and what is done in its name...


Jess said...

oooh, somnambulant! That's a good word.

God, I love big words.

Om.powered said...

I lend a strenuous second to all of those.

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