10 January 2006

Somebody hand Ted Stevens a tissue

More kicking and screaming from the world's oldest toddler. From The Anchorage Daily News, 01/10/06:
But Stevens said when he returns to Washington, he will no longer consider some Democrats his friends. The final (ANWR) refuge debate became too personal, he said.

"When I first went there, you would never hear a senator speak about another senator the way they were speaking about me that night," he said. "There are people I've considered to be personal friends without regards to politics, and they were turning into vipers as far as I was concerned."

Stevens said he has "written off" those friends..."I'm not traveling with them anymore, and I'm not going to play tennis or swim or do various things with them."
"And...and...I'm having a big birthday party, and I'm not inviting them, and we're going to play games, and eat cookies and cake and ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, AND THEY CAN'T HAVE ANY!!!"

Jesus Christ, Ted, what are you, five?

You're not going to SWIM with them anymore? Give me a break.

You hijacked a defense bill so you could fulfill your life's dream of turning out ANWR to the oil barons like a corner whore. You attempted to bludgeon the opposition into silence with the old "a vote against this is a vote against the troops" bit and it blew up in your face. If you callously exploit our fighting men and women by using them as a political tool, you deserve to be spoken about in whatever manner the opposition sees fit. After the base politicking that got you into this, your newly delicate sensibilities ring more than a little hollow.

Rather than running away, crying like some octogenarian Baby Huey, suck it up and accept it; you earned every last word of condemnation and criticism. Better yet, apologize.

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