20 January 2006

No one has to take your freedom when you give it away, willingly

When your children ask us how El Presidente was allowed to use the Constitution for toilet paper and govern a democracy of 300 million like a banana republic, kindly direct them to the type of "discourse" our media is engaging in. From Chris Matthews' Hardball session with Russell Tice, former NSA staffer credited with exposing the administrations illegal wiretapping scheme:
MATTHEWS: If I were president of the United States and somebody said we had the ability to check on all the conversations going on between here and Hamburg, Germany, where all the Al Qaeda people are, or somewhere in Saudi [Arabia],where they came from and their parents are, and we could mine some of that information by just looking for some key words like "World Trade Center" or "Pentagon," I'd do it.

TICE: Well, you'd be breaking the law.

MATTHEWS: Yeah. Well, maybe that's part of the job.
There it is. Breaking the law is just part of the president's job. This is the same Chris Matthews who thinks it's reasonable to compare Michael Moore with Osama bin Laden. So what does advocating a criminal Executive make him?

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