30 April 2010

Arizona's Next Top Boogeyman


Arizona takes their national embarrassment status to Defcon 2 as the state Senate leaps into action to save the citizenry from the horror of the Tract Home of Dr. Moreau:
Arizona legislature targets 'human-animal hybrids'
The Arizona state Senate on Thursday passed a bill making it illegal for a person to "intentionally or knowingly creating a human-animal hybrid."
The bill, which passed 16 to 12, would prohibit anyone in the state from "creating or attempting to create an in vitro human embryo by any means other than fertilization of a human egg by a human sperm."
The measure would also outlaw "transferring or attempting to transfer a human embryo into a nonhuman womb," "transferring or attempting to transfer a nonhuman embryo into a human womb" and "transporting or receiving for any purpose a human-animal hybrid."
You really can't make this shit up.
I was wondering what Arizona might do for an encore after turning every Hispanic-looking citizen's life into the stuff of a bad, eastern-bloc police state nightmare, but this thoroughly exceeded my expectations.  If hard cases make bad law, then hysterical pandering to an anti-intellectual, science-fearing base makes useless law.  Not sure if you could come up with a better illustrative example of a solution in search of a problem. 
No word yet on what would constitute "reasonable suspicion" for police to take manbearpig into custody.

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