06 April 2010

Easter comes and goes, but the Vatican is still on its cross

Utterly shameless:

Vatican: There's anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign

Senior cardinals in Rome are decrying what they depict as an anti-Catholic "hate" campaign that they say is related to the fact that Benedict is leading church opposition to same-sex marriage.

Vatican Radio on today quoted Italian Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, a Holy See official, as saying the church must pardon its attackers for what he called "hatred against the Catholic church."

People: There's an anti-molester 'accountability' campaign

There, fixed it for you.

The Catholic Church's martyr pose is getting more nauseating by the day. Not content with their already outrageous indulgence of their persecution complex, now they're laying the blame for their problems, not with the child rapists they concealed and shuffled from parish to parish for several decades, but at the feet of bitter gays and their friends.

Who, as good Catholics, they are obligated to forgive for their "hatred."

Unbelievable. Such preening self-righteousness I have never seen.

The fact that these people can permit the systematic abuse of thousands of children and, not only play the victim when criticized for their horrific actions, but make a show of moral superiority in calling attention to their forgiveness of their hateful "attackers" is beyond the pale.


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