19 April 2010

Sarah Barracuda? More like Sarah Bait n' Switch

SarahPAC -- Great at raising funds; distributing them, not so much:
Sarah Palin's House Hit List: No Money to Favored Candidates So Far
Sarah Palin put the bull's-eye on 20 U.S. House races on her Facebook page last month, but didn't donate to favored candidates in those districts during the first quarter of the year.
Although her SarahPAC took in $400,000 in the first quarter and had more than $900,000 in the bank, it gave only $7,500 to candidates between January and the end of March, plus an additional $2,000 to two other PACs. None went to Republicans in the races she targeted.
A fairly classic move.  Ring the alarm, ratchet up the hysteria, then forget all about it--not to mention whoever responded.  Sounds exactly like what the GOP does to the reigious right every other November and, in this case, there's probably a healthy amount of overlap in the people getting punked for their dollars.
None of which is to say that the Quitta from Wasilla is averse to parting with that cash, oh heavens, no:
"According to filings with the Federal Election Commission, SarahPAC spent $402,460 in the first quarter of 2010.
Almost $243,000 went to consultants...
More than $42,000 went to travel, including more than $7,300 to de-ice private planes...
The PAC spent more than $31,780 on postage and more than $25,000 on Internet fundraising.
Even photographer Shaelah Craighead (Laura Bush's White House photographer) took in more money than Sarah PAC gave to candidates, earning $11,596 for photography."
Looks like Bailin' Palin's PAC is all about "political acion," all right.
Her own. 

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