21 March 2010

Health Care Bill Passes 219-216; the already unhinged go mad...

The circus continues at this hour with a couple more votes left to go, but, as one might expect, heads are already exploding. The filth already coming from Freeper-Land is as vile as it was expected. Before I turn in from the night, I waded into the swamp for a (very) few minutes. Here's the leader in the clubhouse from what I could stomach looking at:
"Our brave souls before us took up arms and defended what they thought was right. Many died for what they thought was right. We don't have enough of those type in this country now to organize and win a battle for the good of man. Therefore the only thing I can do now until a rebellion is organized is stop paying taxes...." -- In God I Trust

To: In God I Trust

"Careful, I’ve already had two replies pulled by mod. Nothing inflammatory, just a link to long distance shooting resource." -- optiguy
"Nothing inflammatory," indeed.

With people already explicitly calling for assassination, I guess it's to their credit that the Freeper moderators don't want to go down that path. (Or, at the very least, don't want to be able to be held accountable for the utterly unsurprising escalation in the rage-aholics whose attentions they've been cultivating all this time...)

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