23 March 2010

Winning the battle, losing the war

After her Mississippi high school canceled prom rather than let Constance McMillan attend with her girlfriend, the ACLU filed suit to compel the school to restore the prom for all the students. Today, the when the federal judge hearing the case declined to force the school to hold the prom, the response from bigotville was as swift as it was expected:
GOOD! The little dy'ke did NOT deserve to win! SUCK ON IT gay supporters! You should know how to do That!

Just look at that poor girl. What boy in his right mind would want to have her?

It's sad the school had to cancel prom just because of one brat. She will figure out that her forcing everyone else to give her special attention has backfired when no one from her town will have anything to do with her. I am glad her school and town is snubbing her. She has it coming.

So she and her "girlfriend" have experimented licking split and liked it and now they want to turn their conservative little town upside down. Ten years from now she will realize she was an ash, she will be no where and she will wonder why all her old school chums distance themselves from her. She will always be known as the lesbian that destroyed prom - of course by then she will be married to Ray Bob and have four dirty little kids.

Good for the judge and the school board...but, once again, a frickin' selfish individual who doesn't understand biology spoils a once-in-a-lifetime event for the rest of her classmates.

the worst aspect of this story is that this confused young lady was in fact being used by the radical homo army to promote their agenda..

You're right-gays are dirty, dirty scum.

Then Fa'gs like YOU are Dead IF you show up!
Stay in the closet where you belong QU'EER! LOL

All I can say is, what a dirtbag. Ruining the prom for everyone else. That's pretty selfish.
Interestingly enough, this comes not from Free Republic or RedState, but from Yahoo's "Buzz" social news sharing feature which has, in short order, become a veritable cesspool of conspiracy theories, gaybashing and--in particular--virulent (and violent) anti-Muslim hysteria.

Unfortunately for them, Yahoo!'s barely literate hatemongers were so gleeful at the notion that the school wouldn't be forced to provide "special treatment" (read: "not discriminate") that they missed the much bigger picture: that this ruling is effectively a deathblow to the same intolerance they hold so dear.
The prom's still off at a Mississippi high school that canceled it instead of letting a lesbian student bring her girlfriend, but a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the district's actions did violate the teen's constitutional rights.

U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson refused the American Civil Liberties Union's demand to force the Itawamba County school district to put on the April 2 prom. However, he said canceling it did violate 18-year-old Constance McMillen's rights and that he would hold a trial on the issue.

...The judge noted that McMillen has been openly gay since she was in the eighth grade and that she intended to communicate a message by wearing a tuxedo and escorting a same-sex date.

"The court finds this expression and communication falls squarely within the purview of the First Amendment," Davidson said."
Case law is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

It's now established precedent that banning same-sex couples from school functions is a violation of gay teenagers' rights of expression. Any school--from coast to coast--that tries will find themselves in an legally actionable position and likely liable for financial damages. The bigots' illusory "victory" in Itawamba County is overshadowed by the fact that the same fight is over before it starts everywhere else in the future. Suffice it to say, the knuckledraggers were less than enthused to have their couldn't-be-more-off-base misreading of the significance of these events pointed out:
Suck it

You're just mad because you couldn't take your boyfriend to the prom.

Better watch out for that AIDS thing...

if you want to play hide the salami in another man's poop chute, that's up to you - I really don't care. The problems seem to come when gays continually want to shove their lifestyle in everyone else's face...Maybe if you tried to act less like a flamer and more like a productive member of society you'd face less discrimination.
Such a classy lot.

I always did love the sound of rending garments and gnashing teeth in the evening...

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Queers United said...

It is sad and pathetic that this community is picking on this brave young woman. I am glad she at least has national support but it must be painful for her to see what is going on at home.

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