28 March 2010

Speak the truth, get the gate

Not exactly a new or unique experience, but conservative commentator David Frum found out first hand, this week after penning a column that dared to suggest that the GOP's "all in on 'no'" strategy on the healthcare debate may not have been the best of ideas.

Within days, Frum found himself ousted by the American Enterprise Institute, his paid--and benefit-providing--think tank gig making him a case study along the way:
What many people don’t realize about the think tank world is that the policy types who serve as modestly paid fellows do so in large part for the health coverage. In our antiquated employer-based system, middle-aged wonks simply have to be attached to a group to be insurable.

...In one stroke, David Frum has become not only the poster boy for the Republican party’s incoherent tantrums, but for the need for Obamacare itself! It doesn’t get more delicious than this.
Not sure about "delicious,"--a man with a family is still out of a paid job--but it is interesting coming from the end of the political spectrum that, just a few years ago, accused Democrats of being intolerant of dissent and initiating an ideological "purge" for not supporting Joe Lieberman's 2006 Senate run.

Now, Lieberman is an actual official; a long-tenured Senator with substantial influence capable of affecting policy, who had taken multiple positions with which Democratic voters strongly disagreed.

Frum is, essentially, a columnist who wrote one column they didn't like.

Who has the smaller tent?

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