10 March 2010

My other car is a 2010 Toyota Cashgrab

The latest "Possessed Prius" story made for some dramatic video, but is starting to smell decidedly fishy:
EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) — Before he called 911, James Sikes says he reached down with his hand to loosen the "stuck" accelerator on his 2008 Toyota Prius, his other hand on the steering wheel. The pedal didn't move.
...Sikes, a real estate agent, said he was passing another car when the accelerator stuck and eventually reached 94 mph.
...Neibert told Sikes after the CHP caught up with him to shift to neutral but the driver shook his head no. Sikes told reporters he didn't go into neutral because he worried the car would flip.
So this gentleman--who's been driving for possibly more than 40 years--didn't forget to shift into neutral in a panic, but decided against it because he was "worried" that going into neutral would case his vehicle to overturn.
Interesting that he wasn't so worried as to drive one-handed while bent under the dash groping around for the gas pedal at 80 or 90mph.
I'm all for corporate responsibility, but it seems to me these claims are ripe for abuse and scams.  What corroboration can there really be?  And, more importantly, how much is the American public really going to want to see?  Take this nugget for example:
The driver rolled down the window and Neibert told him to apply both brakes. Sikes said he lifted his buttocks from the seat to press the floor brake, an account backed by the officer.
There you have it.  This account is officially backed by the police.  Only one problem: what, exactly could the officer see, beyond this guy arching upward in his seat?  Seems to me one could assume the same posture with one foot on the gas and one on the floorboards.  Judging by some of the comments on this article, not too many people will care:
Look like the death of the magical queen is on the horizon... It reminds me of a very famous song..."Ding dong the witch is dead the Witch is dead...." FInally the public is exposed to the truth about TOyota something they have said they are the best at for years!!! "
The arrogance of this Company and their complete disdain for Americans is a debt that has come due.
" "Toyota for years was a leader in quality." -- Laughable! That should say, "For years Toyota was the leader in hiding their quality issues." "
From zero to Japan-Bashing in 4.2 seconds.  Be very surprised, indeed, if we don't see more and more of these...

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