09 March 2010

Heretic to the Church of No

Anyone else smell TeaBags burning?
Brown took to the Senate floor Tuesday to announce he would vote for cloture, or to end a Republican filibuster, on a bill extending unemployment benefits and tax credits. This, despite the fact he opposes the bill and technically the filibuster helped his cause.

"I have very serious concerns about the overall cost of the bill," Brown told the chamber, "but my vote for cloture signals that I believe we need to keep the process moving." He also said, "there has been a week of debate and allowing this bill to receive an up-and-down vote, would be a step, I feel, in the right direction."

With Brown’s help, the nearly $140 billion bill cleared the procedural hurdle on a vote of 66-34, setting it up for passage.
After kneecapping the GOP filibuster of the jobs bill last month, the point-and-click patriots out there wasted no time in making sure the apostate Brown knew their righteous rage...on the nearest social network they could reach without having to leave their La-Z-Boys.

Clearly, Brown will now have to think twice about checking his MySpace, this evening.

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