16 March 2010

A Tuesday toast to Daddy Dobson

Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you:
Did Focus On The Family Board Force Dobson Out?

In February 2009, Dobson stepped down as chairman of the Colorado Springs-based group's board of directors, after relinquishing his longtime role as president in 2003. But he kept his role of host of the popular Focus radio show...Then, this past November, Dobson said on the show that the Focus board had asked him to give up the radio program in a few months time.

...In a Feb. 6 Wall Street Journal story on the changes at Focus--for which Dobson also declined to comment)--(Current Focus President, Jim) Daly said that "he has no use for the sharp personal attacks on politicians employed by Mr. Dobson. 'I don't see evil behind everything.'"
A few days late, but I did have to take a moment to raise a glass to the ousting of good ol' Daddy D. Apparently even his own people tired of his deranged tirades and attacks. Between his claim that gays will "destroy the earth" and Barack Obama posing a dire threat to family life who will protect pedophiles and prosecute pastors with the 2009 Hate Crimes Act, one wonders what took them so long.

Clearly, FOF tired of being pandered to at election time, only to have the GOP treat them like the crazy aunt in the attic when it came time for actual governance and legislation. It looks like they finally figured out that their problem was not allowing themselves to be exploited for their votes by politicians, but the fact that they were allowing themselves to be spoken for by the crazy aunt from the attic.

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