12 January 2011

Andrew Breitbart in lead at the Summer's Eve invitational

Always up for a challenge, when Right-wing blogger raving, utterly discredited, con-man Andrew Breitbart found himself with the opportunity to face Sarah Palin in a contest to see which one of them could cram his/her foot further into his/her mendacious, truth-averse pie-hole, he didn't flinch.  Even when the Quitter led off by responding to the recent assassination-spawned controversy over her militant rhetoric and gunsight imagery by not merely playing the victim, herself, but by invoking the anti-Semitic smear of "blood libel" to do it, Andy knew he could still do better.  Summoning heretofore unseen levels of tone-deafness, staggering ignorance, and the most casually exploitative view of other people's pain and human suffering, he took to his Twitter account and went straight-up Kobayashi in this competitive eating contest of moronitude (h/t Feministe):
"I used ‘blood libel’ because I thought using analogy of lefties at pinball machine in Jodie Foster film ‘The Accused’ was too obscure."
Now, to clear up the "obscurity": The Accused earned Ms. Foster an Oscar for her portrayal of a woman who was--wait for it--thrown up against a pinball machine, beaten, and gang-raped by a bunch of drunks.  (Such a wit, that Andy; always ready with the perfect 160 character bòn mót.)  Because, really, when you think about it, what could be more similar to violent sexual assault than having people criticize your choice of words as having a negative effect and suggest that you tone it down a bit?

My question is this: If Mr. Breitbart is of the opinion that what Sarah Palin has gone through is on par with rape, exactly what does he think about what happened to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, or Judge John Roll, or Christina Taylor Green?  If questions that one can parry with safe, one-sided, unchallenged video releases are akin to a fundamental violation of one's body and dignity, what analogy would he use for what the nine year-old Green's parents and family are now going through?

At least Mr. Breitbart has answered the riddle of where he comes up with his views and provided the solution in an equally cinematic bit of framing: the As Good As It Gets rule: You think of a man...and take away reason, accountability, and every last shred of human decency.

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