26 January 2011

This is not the "democracy" you are looking for...

Move along.
"Obama’s praise for the Tunisian revolution and declaration that the United States “supports the democratic aspirations of all people” is particularly relevant in the face of the massive pro-democracy protest movement that has erupted in Egypt over the past week, timed to coincide with the anniversary of Egyptian police revolting against their British colonizers.

...One nation that has been mostly silent during these demonstrations is the United States. This is particularly important given that the United States is a close economic, political, and military ally to the Egyptian government, which receives nearly $2 billion annually in aid from the United States."
All of which ignores the Mubarek regime's support position as the United States' most favored regional figleaf with their status as Israel's Chief Arab Ally™

Personally, I can't see us standing with the Egyptians the same way we are with the Tatooinians Tunisians. The United States sure does love it some democracy...until the democratized masses start casting ballots for people we don't like so much.  It's pretty clear that we "support democratic aspirations" only so far as they institute governments that we can coerce, control, or are otherwise in lockstep with our policy objectives.

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