25 January 2011

Not-quite-live blogging the SOTU

First of all, could John Boehner have looked any more put out at having to be there?  He's the Speaker of the House for god's sake; one of the most powerful men in the country and he looked like my buddy's eight year-old when he finds out the restaurant is out of chicken fingers.  His level of engagement went no further than spending the better part of an hour practicing his "withering contempt for the black man" expression, Zoolander-style.

Secondly, I'm not sure how you spend the first half of your speech talking about all the innovations you want to support and fund and then turn around and say, "by the way, we're also freezing domestic spending for five years" just weeks after putting the country in a $900,000,000,000 (deeper) hole with that deal-with-the-GOP-devil extending G-Dubs' tax cuts.  I'm a big fan of high-speed rail, clean energy, education, etc., but what's going to get cut?  That's a lot of the oft-discussed, yet never-detailed, "waste and inefficiency" to pare away.

Thirdly: Salmon?  Most bizarre laugh line I've ever heard in one of these things.

At the end of the day, it was all worth it for the gift of Michelle Bachmann's Teabagger rebuttal.  What the hell was she looking at?  She came off like a deranged weather girl, one who can't pronounce "Iwo Jima."

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