16 January 2011

Making the Rounds after the Globes?

Very nice to see non-Hollywood faces like Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross take home the Golden Globe for Best Score for their atmospheric work from The Social Network. With any luck, the newfound notoriety will help the long-unreleased (and as-yet-untitled) third album from Ross' band, 12 Rounds, see the light of day. I saw them open for Marylin Manson on the "Mechanical Animals" tour back in 1998 and bought their sophomore effort, My Big Hero, the same night. Then, they dropped off the face of the Earth. After some label wrangling (they were signed to Reznor's lawsuit-riven Interscope vanity imprint "Nothing Records") Ross and his wife/12 Rounds singer, Claudia Sarne, got their rights to the material restored. They're definitely worth checking out:

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